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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hob Top Grill and Griddle

Late last year, DH and I bought this JML Hob Top Grill and Griddle on sale from SM Ace Hardware. For us, it was a welcome addition to our Superkalan Outdoor Stove for cooking.

From the photo below, see how easily it fits on top of the stove's burner. Although the label mentions cooking oil is optional, we chose to put just a little to enhance flavor.

There's plenty of space on top of the grill. See how the yummy fatty fish is moved to one side after being fully cooked.

Eggs are easy to cook too. You only need to add a little oil to easily cook so many.

Hmmm, yummy fried bananas.

Here's the front of the packaging of the hob top grill and griddle.

And here's the back.

According to the package, here are the features: