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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What are Briquettes?

According to Wikipedia,

"a briquette (or briquet) is a block of flammable matter which is used as fuel to start and maintain a fire. Common types of briquettes are charcoal briquettes and biomass briquettes."

Wikipedia continues,
"Biomass briquettes are made from agricultural waste and are a replacement for fossil fuels such as oil or coal, and can be used to heat boilers in manufacturing plants, and also have applications in developing countries. Biomass briquettes are a renewable source of energy and avoid adding fossil carbon to the atmosphere."

I've especially taken interest with biomass briquettes to fuel our cooking in our wood stove. And I was able to devise a briquette-making machine that creates home-made briquettes. This briquette-making process will be the topic in forthcoming entries in this blog. Watch for them!