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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Homemade Briquettes

In a previous entry, I discussed the common materials used for briquettes and in another, a background on some commercial briquetting machines.

The briquettes I create for our cooking are essentially made up of paper waste, sawdust and a little of other agricultural waste. The batches of briquettes I have made vary in color because of differing constituent mix. These briquettes are small and measure roughly 2 inches in diameter.

These are the briquettes as they're used in our outdoor stove called the Superkalan. Notice the briquettes' size is just about right for the stove's front opening. They can easily be moved around as needed.

Other briquettes found around the net have a round hole in the middle to help in the combustion. These briquettes are too small though to justify putting a hole inside them. If these had holes, they'd probably disappear in a minute upon lighting! :)

The next post in this series discusses how to prepare the paper component of briquettes.