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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Reasons to Put the Outdoor Cooker Under the Mango Tree

In a previous entry, I gave some height factors to consider when finding a place for the Superkalan Outdoor Stove. Well, I’m all the more convinced that after those considerations, putting it under a fruit-bearing tree would be the best location.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Smoke dissipates among the leaves. In a previous entry, Is the Superkalan Really Smokeless, I mentioned that there will always be smoke. With the outdoor stove under the tree, smoke pollution is minimized with the carbon dioxide dissipated and actually taken up by the tree leaves. Of course, the thicker the tree foliage, the better.

  2. Less mosquitoes and bugs. Most insects in the tree dislike smoke and so the smoke coming from the stove below drives them away. This means less pesky mosquitoes. It also means fewer bugs to destroy the tree’s leaves and fruits. And that translates to healthier and more luscious fruits that fully mature to their ripeness. Hmmmmm, yummy yellow-green mangoes!

  3. Shade. Cooking in the shade. That’s definitely a necessity with an outdoor stove. That’ll keep you cool as you work. Better than that, you could thereafter enjoy the food with the kids right under the same shade!