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Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easy Way to Grill Tilapia Fish

Many Pinoys love to grill fish and typically, it’s the Tilapia that’s the fish of choice. Why? It’s cheap, readily available and relatively easier to grill. Sometimes though, the grilling goes to the worst like when the fish skin and flesh sticks to the grill grate and practically ruins the fish into an unrecognizable mess. Not only is the unfortunate fish torn and ruptured, it’s now as dry as a toasted piece of cardboard. And the taste is now similar to it too.

One way to prevent all these is to use aluminum foil to wrap the Tilapia. Using aluminum foil already has these advantages:

  1. Because of the foil wrapping, the fish’s skin and flesh don’t come in contact with the grill grate. No part of the fish gets stuck to the grill to burn and/or rupture the fish.

  2. With the fish encased, all the fish juices as well as that of the stuffings’ get sealed and cooks with the fish. There is minimal dripping, if ever, and this doesn’t dry out the fish.
  3. The cooking that happens to the fish inside the foil wrapping is more even. Even with a strong fire, the high heat coming from the grill doesn’t burn the fish as easily as when it’s totally exposed.

    Note: Do remember to also grill the fish’s belly and the head where there’s plenty of juices. A practical way of doing this is to position two Tilapia pieces stand side-by-side as shown below.