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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Briquette Making Machine Components

In a recent entry, I wrote about the workplace where I make my homemade briquettes. Biomass briquettes can come from various ingredients and so the entire process may be a bit messy. Use an apron to keep dry.

In the absence of an affordable commercial machine for home use, you could easily fabricate the various parts that will up the briquetting machine. Shown below are the parts of the homemade briquette making machine. The parts are numerically labeled and briefly explained.

Components of the Briquette Making Machine

  1. Plastic Pail and Tray - Contains the prepared briquette ingredients and formed briquettes.

  2. C-Clamp - This a standard 10-inch steel C-Clamp available in most hardware stores. This is the backbone of the briquetting process by compression.

  3. C-Clamp Stand - Wooden device where the C-clamp is mounted. This allows the C-clamp to be vertically mounted. It keeps the C-clamp stable when the briquettes are pressed. It has an metal sheet attachment that secures the mold casing for the briquettes.

  4. Mold Top Half - Top half of the mold that encases the briquettes. This is cut from standard 2-inch PVC and is 7 inches long.

  5. Mold Bottom Half - This is the other half of the mold. This is the second half of the cut standard 2-inch PVC.

  6. Stop Block - This is inserted at the back end of the mold. It stops the pushing out of the briquette ingredients during compression. It is made from plastic and steel epoxy clay.

  7. Push Block - This is inserted at the front end of the mold. It pushes the briquette ingredients inside the mold during compression. It is made from plastic and rubber.

  8. Hose Clamps - These three clamps fasten the two mold halves together. One clamp is positioned near the front edge of the mold, the second near the back edge of the mold and the third is at the middle. These are standard 3-inch metal hose clamps available in the garden or plumbing section of hardware stores.

  9. Spacers - Separate the briquette ingredients into individual briquette pellets. These are round 2-inch sheets of scrap aluminum foil.

  10. Screwdriver - Tightens and loosens the hose clamps. This is a standard flat screwdriver - the bigger the better.

Some of the the individual components above are easily available. The other components can be fabricated with scrap household items and inexpensive materials easily purchased. The fabrication of these parts will be discussed in more detail in future posts.