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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cooking Suzy Wong

Here’s a great snack that even a child can help prepare - Suzy Wongs.

Now, no offense to all ladies named "Suzy Wong" but that's just how they call it here. I don't know if I even got the name right, coz some call it Sosy Wong. But still, this snack is so yummy and goes well with mayo and catsup for dip.

So, here's cooking... Suzy Wong!

With a rolling pin, flatten a piece of sliced bread. If you don’t have a rolling pin, you may improvise with a straight wine bottle.

Slice uncooked hotdog and cheese lengthwise.

Put a tablespoon of Sweet Pizza Sauce (Del Monte Brand) on the flattened piece of sliced bread.

With a spoon or spatula, spread the pizza sauce around the top surface of the bread.

Put in the sliced hotdog and cheese on one end.

Rollup the Wong starting from the end where you placed the hotdog and cheese.

Cut a piece of toothpick in half and use one half to keep the Wong rolled up and secure. Of corz the more filling (hotdog and cheese) you put in, the harder it may be to secure the contents.

Here’s a neat pile of rolled-up Suzy Wongs.

Prepare bread crumbs on a plate. You could find bread crumbs in the baking section of the supermarket.

Dip the Wong in egg that was previously beaten in a bowl.

Roll the Wong in the bread crumb ensuring bread crumbs stick to the egg.

Here’s a couple of Wongs ready for deep-frying.

Deep fry in a pan or wok.

When Wong has browned, pick with a pair of tongs and place the Wong in paper towels to blot out the excess oil.

With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut each piece into 3 smaller pieces. Don’t forget to take out the toothpicks!

For dip, you could mix equal amounts of mayo and catsup. There you go - simple, yummy and super easy to prepare. Bon appetit!