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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Convenient Firestarter

Everytime I need to fire up the stove, I’d always need some pieces of scrap paper to light the tinder. Most of the time, I’d scrounge for old newspapers in the garage or scrap paper elsewhere. And most of the time also, I’d still have leftover scraps of newspaper after cooking which I conveniently misplace. So I said, “Why not a convenient source to get your scrap paper for firestarting?” And then I thought of junk mail like booklets of old company financial statements, stockhoder reports or what have you. Rather than just throw them, I now used them to be my neat convenient source as shown below.

I simply cut a piece of ordinary packing tape that’s the length of the booklet’s spine. The tape binds both front and back covers of the booklet. So every time I need scrap paper, I just take this booklet, open the front cover and rip a few sheets. The sheets are thin enough and will be a while before they’re all consumed. A nice thing about this setup is after I finish, I just toss the booklet into my bucket of firewood for the next use. That means no leftover scraps lying all over the place. The front and back covers are glossy and thick so it’s best to use them last so they protect the inside sheets.